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South of Italy: crossroads of cultures

September 1st, 2009

Traditionally it is considered, that the south of Italy is presented with Sicily and nearby islands and Calabria.
Real estate in southern regions of the country is considered, to the European measures, as inexpensive, the prices are quite comparable. The apartment in 50 sq. m with one bedroom in a new complex in small town Soverato, which is in 700 meters from coast of Ionian Sea, is offered for EUR 50 thousand. Cost of a dual cottage with a garden area about 150 sq. m in Pizzo can be bought for EUR 265 thousand.
Large quantity of monuments of history and culture is the main advantage of the country; therefore a small town or provinces are not a poverty and despondency synonym. Still, almost 60 % of cultural monuments of Europe are concentrated in Italy, and practically each city represents real open-air museum. It is no wonder that real estate market here has developed for a long time and does not face neither sharp launches, nor decrease.
Italy - one of the oldest EU members, that is why legislation and process of purchase of the real estate here differs a little from existing in other EU countries. But, certainly, there are features, owing to the legislation and national character - it seems, Italians do nothing in time, but are always in time. Assistance of well-qualified real estate agent will allow reducing possible troubles to a minimum.

Delay under the mortgage in the USA grows record rates

August 25th, 2009

In the second quarter of 2009 delay under the mortgage in the USA increased with record rates against growth of unemployment and falling of the prices for habitation.
Mortgage Bankers Association has informed that share of credits with back payments (one or more) has grown to 9,24 %. In the first quarter the share of no-paid credits has made 9,12 %.
In the second quarter of 2009 share of credits, payments on which were not made within 90 and more days (at the given stage process of deprivation of the right of the repayment of the mortgage usually begins), has grown to 7,97 %. It is the highest level for all history of holding such statistics.

Useful tips about Australian real estate market

August 7th, 2009

Despite world financial crisis, Australian market real estate remains quite active. Small recession is fixed in sector of elite habitation in cities of Gold coast. At the same time the inhabited real estate of a “house-keeper” segment (less than 500 thousand Australian dollars) does not become cheaper. For last ten months cost of such habitation has grown on 3-5 %.
Such situation in the market is caused by the policy of the state, directed on support of real estate market.

Here are some useful links for those, who is going to invest in Australian real estate: the most favorable investments

1. If you buy habitation for the purpose of investments, we recommend you to buy houses in new developing areas or is areas, where development in the nearest time is planned. Such real estate usually brings stable income from renting it and confidently grows in price.

2. Choose habitation in well developed areas with already available infrastructure. Public transport stations, shopping centers, schools and kindergartens are the important factors.

3. If you plan to lease habitation, then you should pay special attention to location. It will define quantity and “quality” of potential clients. If the real estate is located in the centre of tourist town, you can expect seasonal fluctuations of demand. Pay attention to number of hotels and apartments for rent, located in the chosen area. In not tourist areas, try to choose habitation more close to business centers, hospitals, universities and factories. It will allow you to satisfy internal demand.

4. Choose well-qualified real estate agent, who will satisfy your interests at all stages of the transaction.

Australia offers really unique style of a life. It is surprisingly beautiful country, which offers quiet life and stability.

Mirax Group invests EUR 20 million in Montenegro

July 30th, 2009

Within 2009-2010 Mirax Group is going to invest EUR 20 million in building and development of a new entertaining complex in Montenegro - Miracle World.
The structure of complex includes a night club in 6 thousand sq. meters area and 6 thousand people capacity; company Miracle Rent, which is giving cars, helicopters and yachts in rent; 2 kilometers of sandy beach; surfing school; and also the company, rendering tourist services.
The presentation of project Miracle World was held since July, 23 till July, 26th.

Real estate in Turkey has risen in price because of Paris Hilton

June 11th, 2009

In June Paris Hilton will open the boutique in one of the most magnificent hotels of Turkey Vogue Avantgarde.
In June in the Near East the next set of reality show Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, where Paris Hilton is going to search for friends worldwide, starts.
Meanwhile, according to real estate agency DOKI, habitation cost in Kemer’s area, where hotel Vogue Avantgarde is located, has grown in May on 12 % as a whole on the market. Average cost of one sq. meter in economy class makes $1,532 thousand that is on 16 % above an April indicator.
In business class prices for one sq. meter has grown on 12 % - up to $2,959 thousand, and the elite habitation has risen in price on 8 % -to $6,273 thousand for one sq. meter.

First office is opened in Nagatino i-Land technopark

June 1st, 2009

In territory of Moscow technopark Nagatino i-Land first office building - “German centre of the industry and trade” has opened.
Opening ceremony of “German centre” have visited more than 500 invited visitors, among them - representatives of the government of Moscow, the government of the earth Baden Wurtemberg, delegation from Deutsche Bank LBBW have visited opening ceremony of “the German centre”. It is already the eighth “German house” in the world - similar parks have been already opened  are in Singapore, Djakarta, Mexico City and other cities.
As it has become known “German centre” will place 120 German small and average enterprises. The project budget has made EUR 230 million.
Let’s remind, Moscow city technopark Nagatino i-Land is a modern office-business centre with about 1 million sq. meters total area. The project is realized under the initiative and at support of the government of Moscow.

Well-known hotel Sungate Port Royal does not exist any more

May 20th, 2009

Corporation Mirax Group and hotel network Rixos Hotels have made the decision on renaming of hotel Sungate Port Royal in Turkey, belonging to corporation. The project will be developed under the brand Rixos Sungate.
Let’s remind, that in April Mirax Group shareholders have decided to transfer hotel into Rixos Hotels management. The contract on management is concluded for a period of ten years with prolongation possibility.
The decision on transfer of an operational management is caused by desire to improve Sungate service and to maximize its profit.
Riхоs Hotels - is one of the largest hotel operators of Turkey.

Prices for habitation have sharply grown in Britain

May 20th, 2009

In May sellers of houses in the Great Britain have considerably risen prices for the real estate.
The average price of the British house in May has grown on 2,2 % in comparison with April - up to 227,441 thousand pounds sterling. It is the greatest increase since February, 2008.
The most considerable rise in prices is fixed in East Anglia (+5,1 %). In London the habitation has risen in price on 2,7 %.

Moscow elite rent market gets stabilized

May 12th, 2009

In April, 2009, the rate of demand in segment of expensive rent has remained at level of March both on number of demands, and by quantity of the signed transactions. Such information has been represented in IntermarkSavills’s report.
In April the average budget of signed contracts of rent of apartments in Moscow has not practically changed and has made $5,44 thousand a month.
Apartments with a monthly rent of $6 thousand are still in demand (about 70 % of cumulative demand).
At the same time, demand for more expensive objects, including apartments with budgets from $15 thousand a month (on the last it is necessary about 3 % of transactions) remains the same.
Since April, 2009, cumulative offer in a segment of expensive rent has not changed in comparison with March.
More than half of current offer is concentrated in metro station “Kropotkinsky”, Arbat, Lenin and Kutuzov prospectuses.
The greatest volume of elite apartments as well as demand for them is concentrated in budgets of $6 thousand a month (about 75 % of offered objects). Average (on all offered apartments) monthly rent in the end of April has made $5,34 thousand.
At the same time, while signing agreements about a quarter of hiring/rent are ready to reduce originally required prices (the size of possible discount, as a rule, does not exceed 10 %).

Estonian real estate attracts foreign investors

May 6th, 2009

During 2008 foreigners have acted in a role of sellers in 3 900 real estate transactions in Estonia. In a role of buyers they took part in 4 900 transactions.
The total cost of the real estate objects, sold by foreigners, has made €140,6 million, bought - €166,1 million. During the last five years foreigners have sold real estate in Estonia for the sum of €715,8 million, and have bought - for the sum of €977,8 million.
Within last five years foreigners acted in a role of sellers of the real estate for 21 200 times, in a role of buyers - for 27 300 times.

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